UltimateForms: Import

Set up automatic import of emails, text messages and database items into various data sources to generate or update list items or documents
UltimateForms: Import , a component of UltimateForms, automatically imports emails and data from line-of-business applications into SharePoint, Salesforce and other data sources.
  • Import emails with attachments
  • Import items from and into any database (MS SQL, Oracle, ODBC, MySQL)
  • Import items from any SOAP and REST web services
  • Import items from comma and tab delimited text files
  • Import items from Excel files
  • Import text messages
  • Import into SharePoint, Salesforce and various other data sources
  • Specify you own schedule for imports
  • Specify unlimited import profiles for a single list
  • Use the imported data to generate new items or documents, update existing ones or automatically sync
  • Extract data, such as IDs from any text, e.g. email "Approve item #12" to approve an item with ID 12
  • Map imported data to list columns the way you want
  • Set conditions on which items to import
  • View import history with a click
  • Localized into English, French, Spanish and German
Read our blog entry for step-by-step instructions on how to build the service center business application.

When you want to initiate a business process based on information coming from an email or from a line-of-business application, you need to get that information into your data source first. Unfortunately, built-in tools are either missing or too cubersome and limited. Importing data from databases requires external tools or custom development

With Import, you can define import profile using just your browser. Create a new profile, set up a schedule, point it to a mail account or a database and decide what you want to do with the incoming data (create new items, just the way you want them or update existing items, you can even extract the ID of the item to update from any text fields, such as email subject line). That's it, your import profile is ready to start working, no hassle.

  • Generate service requests based on email messages
  • Start your business processes based on SQL triggers and data


Feature Image Our Product SharePoint Native
Import emails into SharePoint, Salesforce and many other data sources   Included  
Import emails or database items into any list type caption   Included  
Update existing item with the imported data caption   Included  
Automatically sync list, creating or updating items as necessary caption   Included  
Set up multiple profiles and multiple email accounts for a single list   Included  
Set up multiple Create and Update actions for each profile   Included  
Works with any POP/Exchange account   Included  
Works with any database (MS SQL, Oracle, ODBC, MySql)   Included  
Works with SOAP and REST web services   Included  
Set up condition to filter the items to import   Included  
Imports attachments from emails and binary files from DB   Included  
100% web-based, no client installation   Included  
Localized into English, French, Spanish and German   Included  
Note: unless specifically stated otherwise, all products require only SharePoint 2016 and up. Except for SharePoint Online apps, all of our products must be installed as farm solutions.
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Version Release Date Changes
1.19.6 04-Jul-2024
  • AI Answers function was added
1.19.5 29-May-2024
  • AI Analyze function was added
  • Handling embedded images in Microsoft 365 email import
1.19.4 27-May-2024
  • New Rewrite function – to rewrite and translate via AI
1.19.3 10-Jan-2024
  • PDF component upgrade
1.19.2 30-Nov-2023
  • Important: SharePoint 2013 is not supported starting this version of the product!
  • Installer improvements: longer timeout period and adjustments to services restarting
1.19.1 11-Sep-2023
  • Added: Disregard HTML outside of body in mail import
1.19.0 02-May-2023
  • Added: Import from editable PDF attachments
  • Fixed: Accessing external file sources
  • Ensuring Timer jobs creation during installation
1.18.4 27-Mar-2023
  • Added: Option to specify encoding (codepage) when importing text files
Although this feature can be purchased and installed separately, we highly recommend always installing the complete UltimateForms suite. It will ensure you are not limited in any way when implementing your business solutions and achieve the best possible result.
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