UltimateForms Voting Column App

Know what your users think of the information you publish. Add voting capability to any list or document library and even allow feedback and discussions.
Voting Column, a component of UltimateForms, adds advanced voting capabilities to SharePoint lists and document libraries.
  • Vote for items or documents directly from views
  • Voting enabled even for readers
  • Optionally add comments and start discussions
  • Single and multiple votes for each user possible
  • Sort by vote ranking
  • Number of votes and percentage displayed
  • Optionally specify users allowed to vote
  • Works on premises and in the cloud
Infowise Voting Column is a SharePoint 2013 app that adds voting buttons to any item. Authorized users will be able to vote in favor or against the item. They also will be able to write their opinion and add feedback.
  • Use voting in your FAQs to find out if user find the information useful
  • Rate ideas and suggestions
  • Receive rating and feedback on products, features and components
Feature Image Our Product SharePoint Native
Vote directly from a view   Included  
Optionally limit to one vote per person   Included  
Prevent item owners from voting on their own items   Included  
Optionally specify users and groups allowed to vote   Included  
Optionally leave comments and start discussions   Included  
Create talkback section beneath item details   Included  
SharePoint 2013 on premises and in the cloud   Included  
Some apps can be used both on Office 365 and on premises, but most will not work on premises. App support must be enabled on your on-premises farm. You can install app both from the Office Store and by downloading the .app file from our website, in some cases the latter option provides more functionality, but also requires your consent to a higher level of permissions.
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Version Release Date Changes 21-Aug-2015
  • Now requiring Full Control permissions 18-Nov-2014
  • Fixed: obfuscation bug 06-Nov-2014
  • Improved license check 06-Oct-2014
  • Fixed: deleting voting columns 25-Aug-2014
  • License check improvement 14-Aug-2014
  • Switched to in-app purchase 10-Apr-2014
  • Initial release
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License Type Price Buy Now
Site Monthly Subscription (1-1000 users) 3 US$
Site Collection Monthly Subscription (1-1000 users) 6 US$
Tenant Monthly Subscription (1-1000 users) 12.5 US$

License Types

  • Monthly Site Subscription - grants to up to 1000 users the right of using the product on a single SharePoint site, does not include technical support.
  • Monthly Site Collection Subscription - grants to up to 1000 users the right of using the product on any site of a single site collection, does not include technical support.
  • Monthly Tenant Subscription - grants to up to 1000 users the right of using the product on any site of a single tenant, including technical support.