UltimateForms Smart List Pro

Instantly turn your SharePoint lists into full-fledged applications using tab and column permissions, Wizard mode, custom input validation, view permissions and much more
Your SharePoint is already an almost perfect platform for running most business applications you will ever need. Now it's just time to fill in some gaps to make it truly great!
  • Design your SharePoint form using tabbed interface, apply permissions to tabs and use them as stages of your business process
  • Or set permissions for individual columns, according to conditions and current user identity
  • Set permissions on list views, set different default views for different users
  • Optionally apply column/tab permissions on the fly when changing values of other columns on the form
  • Advanced input validation rules, applied according to conditions and current user identity
  • Set initial column values for new items, even set different values for different users
  • Notify about progress with Smart Alert Pro
  • Support mobile devices with Smart List Mobile
  • No tools required, configuration done directly in list settings
  • No need for coding, no drag'n'drop and no design surfaces
  • Changes to the form are applied as you save, no need to deploy
  • The original list form is always used, it is not modified or replaced by any custom form
  • Your settings are always preserved when you use site or list templates
For walkthrough on configuring a sample business process, read our blog post

Why choose Smart List Pro?

  1. SharePoint is the #1 tool for electronic forms, but it has its limitations. Smart List Pro provides capabilities previously only available in InfoPath or custom solutions.
  2. Seamless integration with SharePoint empowers every user to create advanced forms using nothing but a web browser.
  3. Column permissions support for Datasheet view (2010) and web services.
  4. Maintain your Smart List Pro settings when backing, restoring, exporting or saving your lists as templates.
  5. Need to be notified when it's your turn to update an item? Check out Smart Alert Pro and see how it integrates with tab permissions to help you build full-featured systems!
Need a simpler solution? Check out our free version - Smart List Lite!

Forms creation is real simple and goes hand in hand with the built-in capabilities of SharePoint. Smart List Pro extends SharePoint lists with a multitude of new cool features: tabbed views with permissions, advanced column permissions, view permissions, default values, advanced field validation and more, completely covering the needs of over 80% of all forms you will ever need.

Smart List Pro is very simple to use, so forms are easy to create, maintain and use for users with basic SharePoint skills. Join the success and download now the Smart List Pro trial version, if you still need assistance, just contact us and we'll be happy to help you.
  • Create complex workflow using simple list items, turning on and off visibility of columns according to the workflow status
  • Break down complex metadata forms into topics
  • Store sensitive metadata with the item and hide it from unauthorized users
  • Save time on data entry with smart default values
Run the installation package and follow the on-screen instructions. Afterwards, make sure the site collection feature is enabled and use the new options on list settings page.

Feature Image Our Product SharePoint Native
Show columns in tabs caption  Included  
Theming support for Tabs caption  Included  
Show columns in groups caption  Included  
Assign permissions to tabs/groups   Included  
Specify default tab for every user   Included  
Dynamically set column values based on conditions and other columns   Included  
Columns hidden or read-only based on current user identity caption  Included  
Columns hidden or read-only based on columns values   Included  
Columns hidden or read-only based on current form type caption  Included  
Attachments permissions based on current user identity caption  Included  
Dynamically applied column/tab permissions   Included  
Default values for any column   Included  
Set default values via query string parameters   Included  
Customize form layout without SharePoint Designer or InfoPath caption  Included  
Permissions on list views caption  Included  
Create business processes and multi-stage input forms using SharePoint alone   Included  
Seamlessly package list settings within site and list templates   Included  
Unlimited number of settings (compared to Smart List Lite)   Included  
Multiple look and feel Themes   Included  
Wizard-driven multi-step form filling   Included  
Add descriptions to tabs and groups   Included  
Mobile tabs for users on the go   Included  
Works with Smart Alert Pro to send notifications when tab permission conditions apply   Included  
Localized into English, French, German, Swedish, Russian, Persian, Czech and Spanish   Included  
Note: unless specifically stated otherwise, all products require only SharePoint Foundation 4.0/5.0. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010-2016 is supported, but not required. Except for SharePoint 2013-2016 apps, all of our products must be installed as farm solutions.
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Version Release Date Changes
1.32.17 03-Jan-2018
  • Fixed: dynamic behavior of Associated items summary columns
  • Fixed: showing Managed metadata columns as read-only
1.32.16 13-Dec-2017
  • Fixed: setting default value to Lookup and Connected fields
  • Fixed: dynamic permissions client registration
1.32.15 11-Dec-2017
  • Fixed: date validation in SharePoint 2010
  • Fixed: setting Lookup default value from a parameter
1.32.14 04-Dec-2017
  • Fixed: validations in SharePoint 2010
  • Fixed: showing correct number of decimal places in read-only numeric columns
1.32.13 30-Oct-2017
  • Added: configuration for disabling additional mobile browser adjustments
  • Added: validate empty columns is checked by default
  • Added: statically read-only columns can now receive dynamic values
  • Fixed: potential circular updates in dynamic rules
  • Fixed: removed unnecessary decimal zeros in IE 10 rules
1.32.12 06-Sep-2017
  • Fixed: dynamic rule access to Master-detail column value
1.32.11 22-Aug-2017
  • Added: enhanced responsive look in list view pages for mobile clients
  • Fixed: order of columns in All columns tab
  • Fixed: handling multiple choices column value in client functions
  • Fixed: potential errors or incorrect behavior due to .net framework known bug
  • Fixed: incorrect validation values, when based on Master-detail column
1.32.10 31-Jul-2017
  • Fixed: tabbed form view from mobile devices
  • Fixed: failsafe for potential Cache usage errors due to Windows updates
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License Type Price Buy Now
Server License with Annual Support 999 US$
Server License 849 US$
Developer License 199 US$
Annual Support Renewal 249 US$

Every server running Windows SharePoint Services Web Application requires a license, regardless whether or not it is accessed by users. Free licenses for application servers will be provided upon request.

License Types

  • Server License with Annual Support - entitles you to the right of installing the product on one front-end server, including the right to contact us on non-bug related issues within the period of one year, you may also upgrade to any future major/minor version.
  • Server License - entitles you to the right of installing the product on one front-end server. Front-end server is one responding to user requests (web server). This license is not time-limited, but you are not entitled to new major/minor versions, except for explicit bug fixes within the first 12 months.
  • Developer License - entitles you to the right of installing the product on one front-end server in non-production environment. Note that you must order at least one full server license to have the right to order a developer license.
  • Annual Support Renewal - extends the annual support for another year.