UltimateForms Associated Items Column App

Turn any simple list into a complete business solution! Assign related tasks, items and documents and manage their lifecycles, and all that from within the parent item itself. No more clicking through pages, see it all at once, drill down and make your business decisions on the spot. For Office 365 sites.
Associated Items Column, a component of UltimateForms, brings database-like relationships into SharePoint lists.
  • Display a fully-functional list of related items directly on parent item's forms, similar to repeating sections in InfoPath
  • Create new related items directly from the new/edit/display form of the parent item
  • Use summary columns to automatically generate summary values of your related items (e.g count, sum, average, concatenate)
  • Track and managed associated items directly from the parent item using a full-featured context menu
  • Sorting, paging and view selection of related items
  • Works with all content types
  • AJAX support for entering data without page refreshes
  • Special content types and list template included, so you can start straight away

Add and manage related items or documents for any list item or document. Both same site and cross-site relationships are supported.
The associated items appear in a view of your choosing, complete with sorting, paging and full-featured context menu. You can create and edit related items directly fromm within the parent item.

Create summary columns to summarize your related items, use count, sum, average, concatenate, etc.

  • Easily create complex solutions in SharePoint, such as invoices or purchase orders
  • Create relationships between lists, such as projects and their tasks
  • Automatically calculate summaries and run validation rules based on these summaries, e.g. prevent closing suppor tickets with open tasks
Feature Image Our Product SharePoint Native
Add related items for any item from within the item itself caption  Included  
Adds repeating seciton functionality to regular lists   Included  
Show related items in a pre-defined, customizable view caption  Included  
Optionally, show a view selector to enable switching views   Included  
Sort and page through related items   Included  
Works with provided content types or any lookup caption  Included  
Track relationships between parent and child items   Included  
Some apps can be used both on Office 365 and on premises, but most will not work on premises. App support must be enabled on your on-premises farm. You can install app both from the Office Store and by downloading the .app file from our website, in some cases the latter option provides more functionality, but also requires your consent to a higher level of permissions.
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Version Release Date Changes 21-Aug-2015
  • Now requiring Full Control permissions 16-Jan-2015
  • External script files 24-Nov-2014
  • Initial release
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Site Monthly Subscription (1-1000 users) 6 US$
Site Collection Monthly Subscription (1-1000 users) 12 US$
Tenant Monthly Subscription (1-1000 users) 25 US$

License Types

  • Monthly Site Subscription - grants to up to 1000 users the right of using the product on a single SharePoint site, does not include technical support.
  • Monthly Site Collection Subscription - grants to up to 1000 users the right of using the product on any site of a single site collection, does not include technical support.
  • Monthly Tenant Subscription - grants to up to 1000 users the right of using the product on any site of a single tenant, including technical support.