Conditions can be used to choose when a certain rule or action applies.

  • Column - column to test
  • Always/After Change - in event-based products (alerts, actions, item IDs), set the type of value evaluation. After Change value must NOT pass the conditions with the previous column value
  • Operator - according to the data type of the column, choose one of the operators
  • Value - use Value Picker to enter value for the condition

You can compare column value to static value, to value of other column or to result of calculations/concatenations. Rules or actions that do not pass the conditions are not executed. 

Conditions can be set to execute only when the column value has been changed to the required value by the same event as the one caused the action/alert to run, e.g. only execute the action/alert when the Status has been changed to Completed. This only applies to the action/alert set to the Modify event.

You can have multiple conditions, joined by either And or Or. When using And, the current condition and the previous set of conditions must be true for the action to run. When using Or, either the current condition or the previous set of conditions must be true. For example, consider the situation where you have 3 conditions

  1. Results in True

  2. “And” results in False

  3. “Or” results in True

The end result is True, as the last condition is in Or relationship with the two first conditions, that together result in False.

Last modified: 4/25/2014 2:17 PM

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