Removing Deny permission on Add and customize pages

NOTE: starting this version, removing Deny permission is no longer required, unless you're planning to use Classic form features.

NOTE: When using versions prior to, make sure Site Pages feature is activated in any site where you plan to use Modern Forms. In most cases, it will already be activated. If you are having issues publishing forms, go to Site Settings -> Site Features and ensure Site Pages feature is activated.

In certain site collections, especially those created using Modern Team sites or Group sites, you might find a Deny permission on Add and customize pages. This permission rule prevents changes to site pages as a security measure. Unfortunately, it also means that you won't be able to customize your list forms using Ultimate Forms. You will be notified through a warning banner within the app if the permission is present within your site collection.

NOTE: If you have multi-factor authentication enabled in your environment, the script below will not work. Use the manual steps outlined in the blog article.

The permission rule can be easy removed using PowerShell. Download the script below here

  • Click on Windows icon and open or search SharePoint Online Management Shell

  • Enter site URL and credentials:

You can also enter the script manually, follow the steps in this blog article.

Last modified: 1/1/2024 4:26 PM

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