Registration on Microsoft 365

License Types

  • Trial - 30-day license for a single site collection.
  • Site Collection License - license for a single site collection, limited to a specific number of users.
  • Tenant License - license for all site collections in a single tenant, limited to a specific number of users.

Register for Trial

When you first open the app, a trial registration pop-up window appears. It can also happen when you purchased licenses, but your licenses have not been updated yet.

In Trial Request window, you are required to fill in your organization and personal details. You can also enter a password and reminder question/answer. The latter are not required, but note that without creating a password you won't be able to log in into License Management to view/manage your orders and licenses. Note that if you already created a password for you account, you are not required to enter it. Organization name and email serve as a unique identifier for your account.

View and Manage Your Licenses

If you are one of the contacts specified on the customer ticket in our system, you will be able to see Billing button inside the app. There you can manage you license, add new contact persons and manage Template Manager administrators.

Alternatively, you can log into License Management site (use the link in the bottom menu of our website). Using email you originally entered when registering for your trial. For security reasons, it is recommended that you log in using one of the 3rd party authentication providers, such as Microsoft, Google, etc.

Here you will be able to view your orders and licenses associated with each order. If your license is limited in number of users, you will be able to specify which users are granted the license. By default, your licenses are automatically assigned to your user on "first come, first served" basis, minimizing the administrative overhead. If you still want to manage the licenses manually, click on th value under Users column for your license. You will be presented with a pop-up window listing the user names assigned to the license. You will be able to remove users that are not longer with your organization. Note that we will automatically clean up user licenses that haven't been used within the last 6 months. Those license can then be automatically assigned to new users.

Last modified: 5/14/2021 7:23 PM

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