What is your pricing model on premises?

On-premises products are priced by front-end server. You need a separate license key for each front-end server. Application servers, web servers and/or mail servers do not require a license as long as they do not function as font-end web servers as well.

We offer one-time payment option, with renewable annual support, or you can choose to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription.

Microsoft365 apps are available through a monthly or annual subscription. The scope of the license can cover a single a single site collection or full tenant.

What is your pricing model for Microsoft 365 apps?

App licenses can be purchased as a monthly or an annual subscription. Depending on the scope of usage, you can license a a single site collection or the whole tenant. The technical support is always included. Every user, who accesses any of the Ultimate Forms features in any capacity, requires a license. Licenses are assigned on "first come, first served" basis, according to the maximum number of users purchased. Users who haven't used any features in 2 months are removed automatically from the license.

What is your pricing model for stand-alone forms?

Standalone form packages differ according to the maximum number of monthly submissions. You are not limited by the number of forms you can create.

How do you receive payment?

We partner up with PayPal service, which provides us payment integration. You can subscribe directly within the app or pay an invoice using PayPal or credit card through the app or via our License Management system.

Do you accept POs (purchase orders)?

Yes, we can produce a formal quote and accept POs upon request. Payments can be remitted using wire transfer, credit card or PayPal

Do you offer developer discounts?

Yes, a special discount price for developer use is available. Please note that you must purchase at least one full-priced license for the same product to be eligable. Developer license can be used in all non-production environments, such development, testing or even disaster-recovery back-up systems, as long as these environments are not normally used by the end users.

Note: there is no developer license option for the Microsoft 365 apps.

Do you offer a Partner program for resellers?

Yes! Just click on Partners on the top navigation bar to fill out an application form. You receive a discount reseller price, addtional support channels and even custom licensing models.

Do you offer discounts to NGO's, government agencies or educational organizations?

Yes, contact us to find out what discount you are entitled to.

Last modified: 9/1/2023 1:44 PM

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