Associated Items Web Part

NOTE: this feature is not available in the Microsoft 365 app version.

The web part provides an alternative method of managing and viewing related items, on the Display/Edit form, but as a separate web part from the item Display/Edit control. This allows you to visually separate the related items from the parent item while still remaining in the context of the same item.

To place the web part on page:

  • Make sure to activate the web application scoped feature named Infowise Associated Tasks Field Workflow
  • Activate the site collection feature Infowise Associated Tasks Field web parts
  • Enter the Edit/Display form you want to add the web part to
  • Enter edit mode of the page. If option is not available, add “?toolpaneview=2” parameter to the URL.
  • Add Infowise Associated Items web part
  • In web part properties select the Associated Tasks column name.
  • Select whether or not you want to be able to add new items using the web parts. You can use the field settings, always allow or never allow.
  • You now can view, edit and optionally add related items for the current item using the web part. When the web part is present, the field it is attached to will remain blank at all times.
Last modified: 3/26/2021 3:23 PM

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