Task Auto-generation

This powerful feature allows you to create a comprehensive task management system in second. For instance, you can manage periodical review of SOP’s by all involved employees with a touch of a button.

NOTE: this feature is not available in the Office 365 app version.

Follow the easy steps below:

  • Create a Person or Group column in your list, where you will store the names of users and/or groups, who need to review the SOP. SharePoint and domain groups will be expanded and the tasks will be assigned to their members individually. Nested domain groups are supported as well.
  • Create an Associated Tasks list or add the Associated Tasks content type to an existing Tasks list.
  • Create an Infowise Associated Items column in your SOP document library
  • Enable auto-generation, enter a title, such as “Review and confirm reading” and specify the number of days for completing the task.

When creating a new item, make sure to fill in the Person or Group column. Do not create any tasks manually at this point.

Now, when you edit the properties of an SOP, a button for creating the tasks is shown. Just one click on that button will create tasks for all the users you entered in the User/Group column for the SOP.

NOTE: Tasks can be also generated through the special action in Smart Action Pro.

NOTE: Tasks can also be created in a SharePoint Designer workflow using the provided action.

Last modified: 9/14/2020 8:52 PM

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