Electronic Signature Field

Infowise Signature Field is a custom field that enables signing SharePoint items or document content and properties with user name and password to comply with regulatory requirements. The field stores, in an encrypted form, the user identity, time and date of signing, item version (if enabled) and a hash sum of signed fields' values.

Office 365 version is part of Ultimate Forms and is not available as a stand-alone product. The app version does not support some of the features, such as Active Directory signature provider or signing of document content or attachments.

The signature field supports different signature providers, such as Active Directory (user name and password combination), Topaz signature pad (hand-written signature) and Windows Integrated Authentication (using the currently logged-in user’s credentials). Authenticating using the selected provider during the data entry or editing phase will sign the item, which will cause an icon to appear to indicate that the item has been signed and the signature is intact. If the item’s signed field is edited afterwards, without re-signing, the signature is broken and the icon is replaced to indicate this fact.

The field can be set up to sign one or more of the other fields in the list, the signature will only affect the field that the field is attached to, changes to other fields of the item will not break the signature.

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