Integration with Connected Field

Using Associated Tasks Field to preview any list items by a connected field:

Creating a custom SharePoint list

  • Create a custom SharePoint list with a title (e.g. Employees).
  • Create another custom SharePoint list (e.g. Sells).
  • Add to the following list a lookup field or Infowise Connected Field while the source data is from the first list and any other fields.
  • Fill the two lists with data.

Creating another custom SharePoint list

Defining the Associated Items column

  • The Associated Items Field will preview the list items according to the lookup field or the Infowise Connected Field data.
  • Enter to the first list (Employees).
  • Go to Add Column page and enter the new column name (e.g. Sells).
  • Choose Infowise Associated Items as the column type.


  •  Associated tasks list- all lists with a lookup field/Infowise Connected Field to the following list will appear.
  • Task content type – if more than one content type exists in the list, select the appropriate one, otherwise no changes are required or possible
  • Source view – specifies the view of the list to display in the field. Using this setting you can define which fields will appear and in what order.
  • Link to parent reference – field from the second list (Sells) that connect between the two lists, this is your lookup field pointing to the parent item.


View the Associated Items Field

  • Enter to the list including the Infowise Associated Items column (Employees).
  • View or edit one of the items.
  • The Infowise Associated Items column previews all items from the second list with the same employee name.
  • Clicking the sell title will open the current sell properties.


Last modified: 4/22/2014 9:03 AM

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