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The Employee Training system allows you to manage training courses schedule, allow employees to sign up for courses (including the ability of limiting the number of seats), as well as providing feedback on the quality of the course once it is over.

  1. Create new courses, classify them and optionally set the maximum number of participants
  2. Upload and link course materials
  3. Find a course and register with a click of a button.
  4. When course is completed, submit your feedback
  5. Top-graded courses are calculated automatically

Using the Site

The site contains the following lists and document libraries:

  • Announcements - general announcements list, does not include any special functionality
  • Categories - allows you to manage categories of courses
  • Subcategories - allows you to manage subcategories of courses, maintains parent-child relationship with Categories
  • Courses - a calendar of past and upcoming courses
  • Course Materials - document library containing materials for courses
  • Registrations - contains individual registrations for each course
  • Course Feedback - contains individual feedback for courses

First, instructors create courses in Courses list and assign them to categories/subcategories. Students can then use these categories to locate the courses they want to sign up for. The instructor can specify a predfined number of seats per course or make it unlimited. When there is a limit, the system will not allow additional students to sign up once the limit is reached.

Students can locate the course they are interested in and click on the Registration button. The currently registered students can be viewed on the Registration tab of the course.

Once the course is completed, the students can leave feedback and the average grade is automatically calculated for the intructor based on student feedback.


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