Using PowerShell

You can install Ultimate Forms on Office 365 using a provided PowerShell script, without having to perform multiple manual steps.

NOTE: you still need to manually enable Custom script and grant permission to APIs. See the relevant documentation pages for details.

Quick guide

  • If you still haven't done so, create app catalog
  • Download the script file here
  • Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner, type PowerShell

  • Click on "Run as Administrator"
  • Type cd and the location of the download script, such as "c:\temp". Quote marks are only required if the path contains spaces.
  • Type .\InfowiseUltimateFormsInstallation.ps1 and press Enter.
  • You might be prompted if you agree to run the script. Enter either R or A and Enter

  • Follow the script prompts. You will be asked for site URL and credentials for access.


  • You must be a site collection administrator and it is advisable to be a Global Administrator as well
  • SharePoint Online Management Shell has to be installed. You can download and install it here: The script will verify its existence and display an appropriate error message. 
  • SharePoint PnP module has to be installed. Run the following command in PowerShell: Install-Module SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline. It will warn you about untrusted repository, agree to install, this is the official Microsoft Patterns and Practices module. The script will verify its existence and display an appropriate error message. 
  • App Catalog must be created in your tenant. Follow these instructions.

Script steps

The following steps are automatically executed by the script:

  1. Remove Deny permission on "Add and customize pages". This setting is automatically added by SharePoint to prevent changes to web part pages, causing the app to be unable to modify list forms.
  2. Check if apps are installed in tenant and site collection app catalogs. If the apps were previously uploaded to the tenant catalog, it will install them directly from the tenant catalog and finish.
  3. If the apps are not found in the tenant catalog, the script will create a site collection app catalog or check if the apps are already uploaded to the site collection catalog.
  4. If they apps are not in the site collection catalog, they will be uploaded.
  5. Apps are installed from the site collection catalog. Note that Ultimate Forms Extensions app will be not made available to all sites, but will be added directly to the site. 

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