HR Solutions for Non-Developers: Creating a Learning Management System with ULTIMATEFORMS and SharePoint
Amir Shingray
Amir Shingray
April 12, 2023 | Enterprise

This set of blogs about HR solutions mainly highlights and shares learning resources on our website to help you build SharePoint solutions using ULTIMATEFORMS. If you're familiar with SharePoint and want to get started building quickly, I shouldn't be in your way; here is our Quick Start page, go ahead and download a free trial of ULTIMATEFORMS and immediately begin building solutions.

If you are a non-developer and would like to get a jumpstart on learning how to build solutions, then this post is for you as I will share two quick options on how to build a Learning Management System in SharePoint:

  1. Downloading a template solution for Employee Training
  2. Following the step-by-step instructions on creating a Learning management system

Nondevelopers, managers, and business analysts, now you can create HR solutions!

If you're new to the SharePoint space or need a background in development, it can be challenging to know where to start when building HR solutions or any process solution. That being said, SharePoint is a versatile and ubiquitous platform. With the right set of add-in tools like our own ULTIMATEFORMS, with its intuitive interface and powerful features, it offers nondevelopers, managers, and business analysts an excellent resource for building HR solutions, including employee training programs.

Introducing Infowise ULTIMATEFORMS

Infowise ULTIMATEFORMS, our lead product, can help you quickly create process solutions by leveraging the collaborative power of your own SharePoint platform and ULTIMATEFROMS' simplicity, ease of use, and no-code functionalities. Using ULTIMATEFORMS, you can rapidly design, implement and deliver robust solutions matching the changing needs of your enterprise.

UltimateForms supports all Microsoft SharePoint platforms, including Microsoft 365 and all on-premises SharePoint versions.

Key features of a Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Personalized Dashboard 

A personalized dashboard allows you to create dashboards for all course participants, making it easy for students, teachers, and admins to access the necessary information. For example, students can view their progress bars and track their assignments, while teachers and admins can easily manage courses, schedules, and training content.

  • Progress Bars and Assignments Tracking

The solution displays a progress bar to track student progress through assignments tracking. 

  • Functionality for Students, Teachers, and Admins

ULTIMATEFORMS provides functionality for all users involved in the training process, including students, teachers, and admins. For example, students can access training content and track their progress, while teachers and admins can manage courses, schedules, and student assignments.

  • Auto-Generated Email Notifications and Reminders

ULTIMATEFORMS can be configured to send auto-generated email notifications and reminders to students, instructors, and admins. These alert messages help ensure everyone stays on track and up-to-date with course schedules and deadlines.

  • Store Training Content, Including Videos and Documents

With ULTIMATEFORMS, you can easily store training content, including videos and documents. Storage of content allows students to access training materials conveniently and helps ensure everyone can access the most up-to-date information.

  • Setup Test Questions and Track Performance

You can create exam questions and monitor performance in relation to the course material using ULTIMATEFORMS. Timely tests ensure that students retain their learning knowledge and give instructors and administrators crucial information to assess the training program's efficacy.

  • Set up Courses and Schedules for Each Student

ULTIMATEFORMS includes functionality for creating courses and schedules for individual students. Such customization helps to ensure that students receive the training they require in a timely and effective manner.

Finally, I want to share my thoughts after following this quick video about creating a Learning Management System inside SharePoint;

  • The LMS solution is way easier to use than I could have imagined.
  • ULTIMATEFORMS and SharePoint provide excellent vehicles for developing and managing an efficient employee training program. As ULTIMATEFROMS provides the workflows, SharePoint is an excellent collaborative tool, and that is what you need for an effective learning tool.
  •  This Learning Management System, as simple as it might appear, still delivers on all fundamentals of a sound collaborative educational system, such as personalized dashboards, progress bars, assignment tracking, auto-generated email notifications and reminders, and the ability to store training content and track performance. 
  • You can download the basic free solution created by our trainer, Will Cooper, and further repurpose it for your unique business requirements.


In conclusion, ULTIMATEFORMS is a vast platform that provides numerous opportunities for building and customizing HR solutions to meet your specific organizational requirements, whether a large or small firm or a governmental body. So make this your first step into simplifying building business process solutions. Happy Learning!


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