Five Best SharePoint Blogs You Must Follow
Amir Shingray
Amir Shingray
August 30, 2019 | Office 365

The Five Best SharePoint Blogs You Must Follow

The internet is a great resource to learn about new technologies and software. It is an entire library of learning tools that you can benefit from at no cost. While some resources may require membership, most of the web resources are free to a great extent. If you wanted to learn more about SharePoint, then there are several resources available online that you can use. These resources are in the form of blogs written by individuals who know SharePoint and have a lot of experience with it. We have featured some of these blogs below so that you can learn more about SharePoint and enhance your IT knowledge. 

SharePoint Maven

Marc D Anderson's Blog

Microsoft Office's Official SharePoint Blog


European SharePoint Conference Community Resource Center


SharePoint Maven

This blog is managed by Greg Zalfond, otherwise known as the SharePoint Maven. He calls it the SharePoint knowledge base. The man is an authority on SharePoint and has been an expert for 10 years. He is one individual one can learn a whole lot from especially if you want to master SharePoint for yourself, your business, and your clients. He calls himself the virtual expert on SharePoint. One of the best ways to learn about SharePoint is to learn from experts who have been using it for a long time. On this blog, you can learn about its various features, tips and tricks, and other ways to make best use of this amazing software. 

Marc D Anderson's Blog

Like Greg Zalfond aka SharePoint Maven, Marc D Anderson is also another expert in SharePoint and Office 365. He's a 30 year veteran in the IT industry and has a vast knowledge that makes him an authority on SharePoint. Tech enthusiasts, IT wizards, and anyone with interest in SharePoint and Office 365 can learn a lot from Marc. 

Microsoft Office's Official SharePoint Blog

If you want to know the latest in the SharePoint world, then there's no better place to start than Microsoft's official blog. Every news and update is straight from the official source. Other than that, you get to hear about different ways SharePoint has been helping companies and users. Whatever new release is being developed and worked on will be talked about here as well. If there are new releases, you'll get to know about it here before other places. It's written by experts at Microsoft, and its got a great design and feel to it. The best part is that it's not cluttered with advertisements or click-bait, so it's a good read. Since SharePoint Online is considered part of the Office 365 family, you also get to read articles about Microsoft 365 and Office 365. So while reading about SharePoint, you get to know about PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Latest milestones in Office 365, Microsoft 365, and SharePoint are all highlighted in the blog.


ShareGate is one of the most popular web resources on SharePoint. It's designed to make your SharePoint life easier. A firm by the name of GSOFT from Montreal, Quebec in Canada authors the blog and provides some excellent tips and advice on using SharePoint. The blog is part of the leading company site where you can learn about their products as well. The target audience of the ShareGate blog is IT experts and those who use it daily. You may require a strong base in IT and advanced knowledge in IT to understand the content here. ShareGate should be your daily dose of SharePoint knowledge if you want to become an expert in this amazing software from Microsoft. 

European SharePoint Conference Community Resource Center

SharePoint has garnered a considerable number of fans all across the globe. This website and blog have contributions from SharePoint experts in Europe. These are highly knowledgeable and offer helpful tips and advice to everyone who uses SharePoint. It's a well-built resource, and while it's not an official Microsoft blog, it's quite resourceful indeed. The content is text and video, and it's a whole lot of knowledge just waiting to be absorbed and learned. Microsoft Regional Directors, MCMs and MVPs are featured on the blog as well so you get all the best experts in one place.


The above five blogs are excellent resources for SharePoint rookies, experts and IT wizards. There's a lot to learn from the official Microsoft blog as well as those authored by experts in SharePoint such as Marc D Anderson and the SharePoint Maven. Keep reading the blogs regularly and increase your SharePoint knowledge so you can one day become an expert and write your own blogs to be read by enthusiasts worldwide.

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