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Ultimate Forms Foundation Training

There are many steps and skills needed to become proficient at developing solutions in SharePoint using Infowise Ultimate Forms. Knowing where to begin can be a daunting process for new users. Web based training for your team will help you to quickly get up to speed on all of the powerful features of this product.

Infowise is glad to provide personalized hands-on training available to your team via our SharePoint training server.
Using a hands-on training approach, our experienced SharePoint / Infowise Training Instructor will lead your team through all of the important features and functionality included in Infowise Ultimate Forms. During five hours of web based training, each student will build their own full featured solution in a practice SharePoint training site provided by Infowise.

Training features include:
  • Five hours of web based training is provided broken into two 2.5 hour sessions
  • Training is provided for up to eight team members in one session via a web interface and conference line
  • SharePoint Team Sites will be provided for each student during training
  • Lab training materials will be provided to each student outlining all steps in the lab training content
  • Your instructor will work with students as they build their own full featured solution using Infowise Ultimate Forms
  • Students will interact directly with the instructor to get personalized instruction and feedback
  • Student work will be reviewed and feedback will be provided continuously as we work through lab content
  • The training instructor will work with users to explore additional features and functionality during training
  • Students will implement their own solution by completing all critical steps in the Ultimate Forms development process
  • Your instructor will be available to assist and answer questions for users throughout training


Type Description Price
Foundation Training 5 hour training session $1,199
Foundation Training (with purchase) 5 hour training session with Ultimate Forms license purchase $899
Once a session is purchased, our Training Coordinator will follow up to confirm next steps and scheduling.

Please contact Will Cooper, Infowise Training Coordinator, for any additional questions or information related to training.

We look forward to helping your take the next step towards success with Infowise Ultimate Forms!