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Leave Request System
  • Ultimate Forms
  • Manage employee leave requests and approval

    Manage leave request approval using a color-coded calendar. Managers can even assign multiple tasks to each request and tie request approvals to task completion.

    On premises
    Office 365
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The process is made up of 2 to 4 stages:
  1. Request submitted - employee submits request stating time period and reason for leave. An alert is sent to the manager.
  2. Tasks created (optional) - manager can assign multiple tasks that need to be completed prior to approval. Tasks are created directly from within the request, never losing the context. Tasks can be assigned to any person, not just the requester. Tasks are individually tracked and visible by each person in his or her My Tasks view.
  3. Tasks completed (optional) - each task is completed by the assigned person. Tasks are color-coded by status so you can easily see which tasks haven't been completed yet. You can even set up an alert to be sent when a task is not completed by the due date. View both the requests and the task progress directly on the calendar. You can even complete your tasks directly from the calendar.
  4. Approval - request is approved or rejected by the manager. An alert can be sent when the approval is given.
Note that because the whole system is based on regular SharePoint lists, without any custom data entry forms, you can freely modify the process to better adapt it to your specific needs.

Upon site creation you need to add your users to the site groups. Once the site groups are populated, you can start using the process. Feel free to modify the site in any way you deem fit, adding or removing columns, adding or modifying list views or changing the homepage layout. The installed products will function fully for 30 days, after which you need to purchase licenses to continue using the site.

All templates require US English language pack to be installed on the server.
Our templates can be installed on basic WSS 3.0 or SharePoint Foundation 4.0/5.0 farm.

This business process is available for download as a self-installing, self-configuring site template for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and SharePoint Foundation 4.0/5.0 (SharePoint 2007-2013). The template itself is free to use, but it is based on our commercial product - Ultimate Forms. Trial versions of the necessary components are installed automatically by the template. Once purchased, the product can be used to improve all sites, based on our templates or the ones you create yourself.