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Crow Canyon Service Desk
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SharePoint Help Desk, a Crow Canyon award-winning application
  • Increase Productivity
  • Streamline Internal Service Processes
  • Better Visibility and Accountability
  • Tracking for Compliance Reporting
  • Supports IT, HR, Facilities and other departments
  • Employee Workspace/portals for status, access, policies and announcements
  • Track and manage corporate and IT Assets and cross reference with requests

CCS Service Request for Microsoft SharePoint streamlines and automates submitting, routing and tracking requests from employees and customers. See our SharePoint Help Desk Introduction, then a detailed SharePoint Help Desk Video.

SharePoint Help Desk / Service Request is customizable and covers a wide range of service processes. Eliminate time-consuming follow-up emails and phone calls. Institute procedures and controls to meet compliance regulation. Measure service levels. Employees spend more time doing their jobs, customer satisfaction increases, and departments; HR, IT and Facilities and others are more productive.

Customize SharePoint help desk service request to fit your needs. Do it yourself using standard SharePoint or let us do it for you with our customization services.

This solution can be installed on SharePoint 2010 Foundation and Server and SharePoint 2013 Foundation and Server.