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Electronic Signature Field
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Component of Ultimate Forms Electronic Signature Field, a component of Ultimate Forms, allows you to electronicly sign data in SharePoint lists and easily detect changes.
  • Works with any number of columns in a list/document library
  • Sign through entry of user name and password
  • Sign using touchscreens and mobile devices
  • Sign with optional signature pad enabling hand-written signatures
  • Checks user identity on data entry, does not rely on the identity of the currently logged on user. This allows you to work in kiosk mode, e.g. on manufacturing floors
  • Visual notification of valid/invalid signature
  • Real-time validation of signatures
  • Sign both list properties and document content
  • Encrypted hash value of signed column values at the moment of signing to prevent any tempering
  • Signature includes user name, time of signing and item version
  • Localized into English, German, French and Spanish
  • Check out our blog for more details
One or more fields can be set to be signed by the Signature Field. As long as the field values are not changed, the Signature Field displays a valid icon. If one of the values is changed by any user, the field displays a warning that the signature is no longer valid. The signature field contains an encrypted value of signed fields to make sure no tempering with the signature is possible.
  • Base your regulatory compliant system on simple SharePoint lists, saving money and effort.

Feature Image Our Product SharePoint Native
Sign any number of columns caption  Included  
Confirms to regulations requiring entry of user name and password (FDA CFR part 11) caption  Included  
Signature contains user name, version and date of signature as well as signature status   Included  
Hand-written signature using touchscreens/mobile devices   Included  
Hand-written signature using Topaz Signature Pad   Included  
Localized into Enlgish, French, Spanish and German   Included  

Note: unless specifically stated otherwise, all products require only Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or SharePoint Foundation 4.0/5.0. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) and SharePoint Server 2010/2013 are supported, but not required. Except for SharePoint 2013 apps, all of our products must be installed as farm solutions.

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Version Release Date Changes
1.9.9 24-Jul-2015
  • Added failsafe for loading field value
1.9.8 27-May-2015
  • Fix for 1.9.7
1.9.7 26-May-2015
  • Fixed: client error using signature pad
1.9.6 20-May-2015
  • Fix for 1.9.4
1.9.5 30-Apr-2015
  • Fix for 1.9.4
1.9.4 24-Apr-2015
  • Fixed: showing signature when signer name contains an apostrophe
  • Fixed: always using site date format to sign
1.9.3 15-Apr-2015
  • Fix for 1.9.0
1.9.2 30-Mar-2015
  • Fixed: formatting issues in numeric columns
  • Fixed: signing read only fields in SharePoint 2013
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