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Event Calendar With Tasks Suite

Manage your events from an easy-to-use color-coded calendar. Assign multiple tasks to each event and track their progress directly from the calendar view.
  • Event Calendar Plus replaces the built-in calendar to bring you a myriad of new features, such as multiple views, multiple data sources, inline event creation, color-coding and much more
  • Associated Tasks Field allows you to assign tasks or other items to any item, managing them directly from that item.
  • Used together, the products can help you manage events by breaking them down into multiple tasks, assigning those tasks to people and tracking progress directly from the calendar view. Never be unprepared for conferences and trade shows, see where you stand in real time and drill down with a touch of a button.
Associated Tasks Field
Turn any simple list into a complete business solution! Assign related tasks, items and documents and manage their lifecycles, and all that from within the parent item itself. No more clicking through pages, see it all at once, drill down and make your business decisions on the spot.
Event Calendar Plus
Just imagine classifying event types by color and even attaching tasks to events? And what about quarterly view or even the whole year? Now you can do all that with Event Calendar Plus!

Every server running Windows SharePoint Services Web Application requires a license, regardless whether or not it is accessed by users. Free licenses for application servers will be provided upon request.

License Type Price Buy
Server License with Annual Support 849 US$ Buy Now
Server License 699 US$ Buy Now
Developer License 169 US$ Buy Now
Annual Support Renewal 149 US$ Buy Now

Purchase using a credit card or PayPal. To issue a formal quote and for payment through a Purchase Order (PO), please contact Sales

  • Server License with Annual Support - entitles you to the right of installing the product on one front-end server, including the right to contact us on non-bug related issues within the period of one year. This could be help with installation, integration or customizations. Bug fixes are included with any license free of charge.
  • Server License - entitles you to the right of installing the product on one front-end server. Front-end server is one responding to user requests (web server). This license is not time-limited, but you are not entitled to new versions, except for explicit bug fixes.
  • Developer License - entitles you to the right of installing the product on one front-end server in non-production environment. You can use this license for your test/integration/pre-production farms. Note that you must order at least one full server license to have the right to order a developer license.
  • Annual Support Renewal - extends the annual support to another year. You must order the original product with annual support to be eligible for this renewal.