Build a dynamic Today field

SharePoint doesn't provide a way to compare dates against the current day's date.
Infowise allows you to easily create this field and make it update dynamically using a smart action.


  • In your list settings create a standard SharePoint "Date and Time" field.
  • Use the standard default settings for the field.
  • Create a new smart action to update the field value.
  • Use the timer event setting to have the action run once each day.
  • Hide the field from users since this is triggered automatically.
  • Set the custom "Today" field to the current day by using the SharePoint "[Today]" function.
  • Use the standard "ID equals [ID]" action.

In Office 365 actions are hidden from the users by default. In this case, simply leave "Manual execution" unselected. Also the "Column Name" selection is not present in Office 365. The interface looks slightly different as shown:


Normally you might have to use a custom workflow created in SharePoint designer or some other work around to dynamically check the current date. Infowise allows you to create a dynamically updated field that is critical for date comparisons which can be used as KPIs or to trigger other smart actions.

Last modified: 9/1/2017 5:38 PM
13 comments [latest: 6/21/2017 3:30 PM]
Vladi Gubler [2/11/2016 2:19 PM]
Note: we now require at least one static condition for daily actions. Static means that it doesn't include column names on the right-hand side. To include all items, use something like: ID not equals 0. Please not that the action will be executed on each item individually, which can be quite heavy, so plan it well.
Martin Coupal [7/4/2016 5:25 PM]
Hi Vladi, will it be faster for processing, to have a kind of job list where you create an item with, as the title, the name of your job (ex: Update Today Field) and put a scheduled action that will update the custom today field of the required list where the items will meet some criterias (ID 0 for all items or %Completed
Vladi Gubler [7/4/2016 5:55 PM]
Martin: I guess the ways of doing it a numerous, so you would select one that is the best fit for the specific task.
karri [7/15/2016 2:58 AM]
Does ths apply for o365/SharePoint online?
karri [7/15/2016 2:59 AM]
Will this apply for O365/Sharepoint online?
krishna [7/15/2016 11:10 AM]
dear team, Here i am creating action "change the date dynamically" using timerjob and execution daily.But in the above video they didn't gave any condition,but it's asking me to add the condition when your using daily,monthly,weekly and hourly. valueset: Currentdate(myfield) = [Today] And id equls to [ID]. I don't know how to give the condition. Plz on this. Thanks, krishna
Vladi Gubler [7/15/2016 2:10 PM]
Krishna: we require conditions now. Put in ID not equals 0 if you want to affect all items in the list.
Vladi Gubler [7/15/2016 2:23 PM]
Karri: yes, it works the same on Office 365
krishna [7/19/2016 11:50 AM]
Dear Team, Thanks for your reply.Problem solved.But in my list i have 3000 items and Today() date updated only 960 items only.How to update the remaining items?Help on this
Vladi Gubler [7/19/2016 3:32 PM]
Krishna: please open a support ticket with us, send an email to our Support
Peter Richstein [6/21/2017 2:53 PM]
Hello Team, i set up the update Action as shown in the vid. In the Action Settings i set the datefield to [today] and the ID should not equal 0, as mentioned in the posts. I can't save this Action. Error message: "Timer based Actions require at least one static condition" What's wrong? Thx for a short reply
Vladi Gubler [6/21/2017 3:30 PM]
Peter: under Items in Action Settings set ID=[ID], under conditions put [ID] not equals 0 and it will work,
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