People Search Pro - DISCONTINUED

People Search Pro - DISCONTINUED
Integrates on every page of your Intranet SharePoint portal to quickly find employee contact information
  • Based on Active Directory, no need for User Profiles, works with WSS and Foundation
  • Define fields to present in search results and give them user-friendly names
  • Show employee photo from any folder
  • Small size to integrate in the site design, no need for a separate page
  • Search by name, position and department
  • Search by city, country and description (Pro only)
  • Searches Active Directory's entire forest or specific tree
  • ASP.NET AJAX support for no-postback result retrieval when available
  • Localized into English, French, Spanish and German
People Search Pro

Infowise People Search allows you to add user search functionality to any site, even with the free version of SharePoint.

Its small size allows the web part to be placed anywhere on the page, such as within top or size navigation bar. You can also easily adjust the web part to your needs, using CSS classes and web part properties.

You can use any field from your Active Directory user profile schema, both built-in and user-defined.

You can specify location and naming convention of user pictures to be displayed in search results.

  • Full-featured employee search even if you only have WSS or SharePoint Foundation
  • Integrate people search in the quick launch menu of your site



Feature Image Our Product SharePoint Native
Search directly against Active Directory, no need for user profiles caption   Included  
Suitable for WSS/Foundation caption   Included  
Show employee photo stored in any accessible location caption   Included  
Small size for easy integration within existing site design caption   Included  
Easily customizable result presentation caption   Included  
AJAX support for no-refresh results caption   Included  
Localized into English, French, Spanish and German caption   Included  
Note: unless specifically stated otherwise, all products require only SharePoint 2010 and up. Except for SharePoint Online apps, all of our products must be installed as farm solutions.
Some apps can be used both on Office 365 and on premises, but most will not work on premises. App support must be enabled on your on-premises farm. You can install app both from the Office Store and by downloading the .app file from our website, in some cases the latter option provides more functionality, but also requires your consent to a higher level of permissions.
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Version Release Date Changes
1.3.3 05-Jan-2015
  • Added web part removal from gallery when the feature is turned off
1.3.2 15-May-2013
  • Improved cross-browser compatibility
1.3.1 07-Nov-2012
  • Compatibility with SharePoint 2013
1.3.0 11-Oct-2012
  • Extended support for optional properties
1.2.4 14-Sep-2012
  • Obfuscation fix
1.2.3 07-Aug-2012
  • Special handling for Manager field
1.2.2 19-Jun-2012
  • Email/Exchange account is optional
1.2.1 18-Jun-2012
  • Fix for template error
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