Approval Summary

Presents an aggregated view of items and files pending your approval. Set the scope as current site collection, current site or current site and its subsites. Approve individual item directly from the web part, or approve/reject selected items with a single click
  • Save time looking for items awaiting your approval across multiple sites
  • Optionally, set the scope for item roll-up
  • Allows bulk approval of selected items
  • No configuration required
  • Full-featured context menu
  • Sorting, paging and grouping of the results
  • In-line approval with comments
Shows aggregated view of items awaiting your approval from accross the current site collection. Approve/reject specific items directly from the web part,or even several items in one click.
  • Approve documents spread out in multiple project subsites from one location
  • Save time approving multiple items together in one click
Feature Image Our Product SharePoint Native
Shows all items awaiting your approval   Included  
Scope can be set to current site, current site collection or current site and sites below it   Included  
Direct approval from the web part   Included  
Bulk approval/rejection for multiple items   Included  
Sorting, grouping and paging   Included  
Localized into English, French, Spanish and German   Included  
AJAX support   Included  
Note: unless specifically stated otherwise, all products require only SharePoint Foundation 4.0/5.0. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010-2016 is supported, but not required. Except for SharePoint 2013-2016 apps, all of our products must be installed as farm solutions.
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Version Release Date Changes
2.0.4 05-Jan-2015
  • Added web part removal from gallery when the feature is turned off
2.0.3 08-Oct-2013
  • Performance improvements
2.0.2 01-Apr-2013
  • Performance improvements
2.0.1 27-Nov-2012
  • Compatibility with SharePoint 2013
2.0.0 20-Apr-2012
  • Bulk approval
  • Sorting and paging
  • In-line approval
  • Localized into French, Spanish and German
1.0.11 28-Feb-2012
  • Obfuscation fix
1.0.10 31-Oct-2011
  • Registration module upgrade
1.0.9 14-Sep-2011
  • Registration module upgrade
  • Installation module upgrade
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License Type Price Buy Now
Server License with Annual Support 249 US$
Server License 149 US$
Developer License 69 US$
Annual Support Renewal 109 US$

Every server running Windows SharePoint Services Web Application requires a license, regardless whether or not it is accessed by users. Free licenses for application servers will be provided upon request.

License Types

  • Server License with Annual Support - entitles you to the right of installing the product on one front-end server, including the right to contact us on non-bug related issues within the period of one year, you may also upgrade to any future major/minor version.
  • Server License - entitles you to the right of installing the product on one front-end server. Front-end server is one responding to user requests (web server). This license is not time-limited, but you are not entitled to new major/minor versions, except for explicit bug fixes within the first 12 months.
  • Developer License - entitles you to the right of installing the product on one front-end server in non-production environment. Note that you must order at least one full server license to have the right to order a developer license.
  • Annual Support Renewal - extends the annual support for another year.