Color Choice Column

Color Choice Column is a SharePoint 2013 app that allows you to add color-coding and/or an icon to each value of any choice column.

Adding and Defining a Column

  • Click on Infowise Color Choice Column in the Quick Launch menu (or access it from Site Content).
  • Select a list where you want to add a new Color Choice column
  • Type in a name for your new column
  • Select color or icon mode
  • Add choices and add a color/icon for each value, using the pickers
  • Set additional settings, such as where and how the colors are to be applied
  • Save your settings

Updating Existing Columns

You can select an existing column instead of adding a new one, then you can modify settings and choices the same way as with adding a new column.

Converting Regular Columns

When you select your list, all choice column that already exist in the list are available for selection, regardless of whether or not they have colors assigned to them. For the regular column, you just need to specify colors/icons for the existing choices.

Reverting to Regular Column

You can remove customizations from any column at any time. Simply select the relevant and column and then click on the Revert button at the bottom of the page.

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