SPSecurityTrimmedControl or "How to hide stuff from people"

Posted by Genady Vaisman on 3/9/2011 | Development


Do you need to hide specific columns based on user identity and column values? Smart List Pro will help you achieve that in no time, no code required.

This convenient control has been around since the old good MOSS days, but was never given enough attention..

So i would like to explain what it is good for and how you can use it in your site.

SPSecurityTrimmedControl will basically hide all its content from users that won't meet a given security definition.

Unlike the previous solutions (style.display='none'...), the content will be hidden on the server side!

For Example: recently i was asked to show the top ribbon only to users with Manage rights.

What i did, was:

Open the site's Master Page in SharePoint Designer

Find a div with id= s4-ribbonrow, its content is actually the top ribbon

Wrap this div with a SPSecurityTrimmedControl, like this:



Useful attributes of the control:

  • PermissionContext - against which user permissions will be tested

(possible values: CurrentSite, CurrentList, CurrentFolder, CurrentItem or RootSite)

  • PemissionMode - does the user have to meet all role definitions or just one of them

(possible values: All or Any)

  • PermissionsString - what permissions does the user need to see the content - can enter some values separated by comma

(possible values are from the enumeration SPBasePermissions:



AddAndCustomizePages, ApplyThemeAndBorder,ApplyStyleSheets,ViewUsageData,CreateSSCSite,

ManageSubwebs,CreateGroups, ManagePermissions,BrowseDirectories,BrowseUserInfo,AddDelPrivateWebParts,

UpdatePersonalWebParts,ManageWeb, UseClientIntegration,UseRemoteAPIs,ManageAlerts,CreateAlerts,


  • AuthenticationRestrictions - allows to differ between authenticated and anonymous users

(possible values: AllUsers, AuthenticatedUsersOnly, AnonymousUsersOnly)

save, check-in, publish and there you go!


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