September 2012
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Start discussion around any SharePoint item with Voting field

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [3] | Category: Products | 9/26/2012


We'll be revisiting one of our veteran products here, Infowise Voting Field. Originally developed for SharePoint 2007, it's even more relevant in 2010, as you can easily implement it to start discussion around any list item or document, without any custom development. You can even view the discussion threads directly from the Display form of the parent item.

Voting Field allows you to add voting capability (thumbs up/thumbs down) to any list or document library. Your users will be able to vote and even leave comments in a related discussion board. You have full control over the voting process, for instance, you can allow voting for specific users or specific groups only, you can prevent the item creator from voting and you can allow or prevent multiple voting by the same person. And, of course, you can vote and leave comments from any view, without having to edit the item.

Voting field

When you click on one of the icons, your vote will either register at once or a box opens to enter your comments (depending on column settings).

Vote and Comment

As mentioned above, once you attach a discussion board to your column, you can leave comments. With some simple configuration, you can even view and interact with the comments directly from the Display form of the parent item.

Related Comments

As you can see, the relevant discussion can be viewed and managed directly from the item. And how can that be implemented?

Real easy. First, create a lookup column in the discussion board pointing back to our parent list. Voting field will find the column and fill it out automatically.

Next, we need to add the Related Items web part to the Display form of the parent list.

Open the parent list in any view, in the "List" ribbon, open the Form Web Parts dropdown menu and select the Display form.


That will open the Display form in edit mode. Click on Add a Web Part and then open the Related List menu option on the Insert ribbon.

Related List

You will see your discussion board here, as it shows all lists with a lookup column pointing back to the current list.

Once you add the list view web part of the discussion board, you can modify its current view to add some additional columns we want to see, such as Created, Created By and the number of replies.

View settings

Save all and this is it, you can now both vote and discuss an item without losing context!

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Print multiple SharePoint calendars with Event Calendar Plus

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Products | 9/19/2012


We've added a new exciting capability to Event Calendar Plus - you can now easily print your calendar or save/email it as PDF directly from the web part. Once you install Smart Print Pro, your Event Calendar Plus unlocks the new Print button (you need to enable it in web part settings first).

Print Calendar

The button allows you to show  print preview of the calendar as defined in the web part. Then you can print it, save as PDF or email either as text or as a PDF attachment.

Event Calendar Plus supports aggregating several different data sources on the same calendar, so you can view your SharePoint lists, Exchange calendars and any database tables/views. You can easily color-code your items by data source, category field or any Infowise Color Choice field values. You can filter dynamically by data source and by category, all of these settings are preserved when opening the print preview as well!

Color Coding

The calendar can be viewed and printed as day, week, month, quarter, half-year or year view and you can also use the Gantt view. You can even assign and manage multiple tasks for each event using our Associated Tasks field, and see/print the task progress directly on the calendar!


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Integrate Facebook "Like" button into SharePoint

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Products | 9/14/2012


We are proud to anounce that we've just released a new, free product for Microsoft SharePoint. Our new Facebook Like Field allows you to add a column to any list of document library, which adds a fully-functioning "Like" button to any item or document. Now your users can like or even share any item they want!

The installation process is extremely simple and fully automatic. The field settings offer all the configurations that the Facebook Like button has to offer (refer to the Facebook Development guide here), such as 3 different layouts, 2 different colorr schemes, configurable fonts and so on. You can even "like" something from a view, no need to edit the item and no need to have Write permissions for the item, ideal for extranet scenarios.

Like button in a SharePoint list view

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New "Calculate summary" action in Smart Action Pro

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [2] | Category: Products | 9/12/2012


We are proud to announce the new action type we just added to Smart Action Pro, our "Swiss army knife" for building real-life integrated business applications based on SharePoint lists.

The new action will calculate a summary of column values in all items, corresponding to filter, located in any list of any site. This summary, which can be count, total, average and so on, can then be used to update the current item or you can validate it against a predefined condition to raise an error. You can even prevent saving the current item if the condition does not apply.

Just imagine building a conference room reservation system. You can check if reservations exist for the same (or overlapping) timeslot and prevent creating the reservation, you can even specify your own custom error message. Another example - calculate the average sales price of a house in a specific neighborhood, just as easily!

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