February 2015
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Tip - custom message when ribbon action can't execute

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Products | 2/26/2015


You can use Smart Action Pro to add your own ribbon buttons (and/or context menu buttons, your choice) to your lists and document libraries. Your users can then trigger actions by simply clicking on the button. For instance, in your list of support calls you can add "Engage" button, that sets Status to Engaged, Assigned To to the current user and Assigned Date to today, all with a single click. Just think how many mistakes you prevent, not having to train your users to remember setting all three every time manually.

But sometimes you only want the action to be executed under certain conditions, for instance, you can only engage support called that are in New state, not the ones that somebody else is already assigned to. Sure, you can set conditions on the action and that will prevent it from being executed when it shouldn't. The user will also be notified that the action did not execute. The problem is that the message is a standard one and cannot be customized ("Action was not executed as the item did not satisfy the conditions"). That could be a bit confusing to your users.

But that can be easily fixed.

  1. Open the action for editing
  2. Remove your conditions
  3. Switch to Action Settings tab
  4. Add the same conditions under Item section (you probably already have ID equals [ID] there, to limit the execution to the current item only).
  5. Switch to Advanced Settings tab
  6. Under Custom Message switch to Warning mode
  7. Enter your custom message there
  8. Save your action

That's it, the next time your users click on the button to execute the action on a wrong item, they will get your customized message!


Ultimate Forms for Office 365 availability and roadmap

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [8] | Category: Products | 2/16/2015


UPDATE (25-Nov-2015): All Ultimate Forms components are deployed. Some minor feature of existing components are still missing.

UPDATE (01-Oct-2015): Just one component left to be developed! Some minor feature of existing components are still missing, but we are working hard to get it all done.

UPDATE (29-Jun-2015): Ultimate Forms for Office 365 is now available for download. Some components are not available yet (as described below) and will be added later this year. The capabilities will be added to your existing app, no need to re-install or upgrade.

Our on-premises customers love Ultimate Forms, a suite of SharePoint components (2007-2013, yes still supporting 2007!) that help you create advanced business solutions using just your browser, at a fraction of time and cost. A comprehesive solution, it includes great forms, support for business logic and processes, as well as reporting and visualization capabilities.

Unfortunately, Office 365 cannot enjoy the full wealth of these features yet. But they are almost here!

We are releasing Ultimate Forms components for Office 365 one by one. First starting in January 2014, we've already reached approximately 95% of implemented functionality, with more components coming out as we speak. You can already create great forms, intiate relationships between lists, add color-coding and icons, add fully customizable alerts, print and convert to PDF directly from your browser.

The rest of Ultimate Forms components are to follow, we hope to have the complete suite out there by the end of the year, comparable to our current on-premises offering.

Note that for now each available component of Ultimate Forms must be installed as a separate app. We will eventually have a unified app available as well, simplifying the installation process, but for now you need to install them separately, sorry about that.

You can find the apps under Office 365 in our main menu (look above) or when you search for Infowise in the Office Store, so get them now and see how much more your Office 365 sites can do for you!

UPDATE (29-Jun-2015)

These are the estimated release dates of various components of Ultimate Forms for Office 365

Component Installs on premises Release Date Comments
Smart List Pro Yes Released  
Smart Action Pro No Released Office Store version is limited in functionality, install from our site
Smart Alert Pro No Released Office Store version is limited in functionality, install from our site
Associated Tasks Field No Released Some parts can run on premises
Connected Field Yes Released  
Smart Print Pro No Released  
Smart Import Pro No Released Office Store version is limited in functionality, install from our site
Electronic Signature Field No Released  
LOB Item Link Field No Released  
Event Calendar Plus No Released  Some features to be implemented at later date
Smart Chart Pro No Released  
List Search No Released  
Smart Filter Pro n/a Excluded Underlying technology not supported in apps
Smart ID Pro No Released  
Color Field Yes Released KPI capability is part of Ultimate Forms only
User Property Field No Released  
Document Link Field No Released  
Voting Field Yes Released  



Smart Print Pro is now an app for Office 365

By: Shani Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Products | 2/16/2015


Great news! Smart Print Pro is now available as an app for Office 365 customers.

You can print list items, document properties, lists and calendars using your own print templates directly from the regular SharePoint UI. You can not just print, but also convert to PDF and email directly, without having to save first. With your own print templates, you can add your own headers/footers, control the layout and share your templates with other users!

Smart Print Pro is designed to support other Infowise apps, so it will print related items generated with Associated Items Column and supports color-coding of Color Choice Column.

Use it to generate invoices, purchase order and even letters with a single click of your mouse!