December 2010
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An ID for every item

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [0] | Category: Products | 12/12/2010

Hi everyone,

A quick intro for a new, exciting product of ours - Infowise Smart ID Pro, a comprehensive solution for generating sophisticated item ID's.

If you work at a law firm, a bank, an insurance company or any other place that needs to store valuable documents (or other data) in the right order, label or category and reuse them again for reference, meeting, important calculation, signature check or just as a quick reminder for yourself on the topic, you will definitely findour new release - Infowise Smart ID Pro -not just useful but a life saver!

Just think for a moment what you usually do when you work on a document. To create ID number you need to look for and find the related previous documents, determine to what category the document belongs (and what if the specific document you are working on belongs to a brand new category?), out of all the information in and about the document you need to create a unique ID. The point is that each step you need to browse the existing data in your library or list and improvise each time something doesn’t fit. I am sure you do not need us to tell you how tedious this can be! That why you need Infowise Smart ID Pro.

Smart ID Prois the answer we developed based on the feedback and needs of our customers and it is designed to simplify the ID assignment process. Smart ID Pro fits naturally into the work environment and enables much more options and possibilities your users are bound to find helpful.

So what can you do with Smart ID Pro?

  • Assign ID's to documents or list item based on rules and conditions. Define multiple rules and the most suitable will be applied automatically.
  • Any column value, function or character can be used as a part of the ID pattern.
  • Any text column can be used to store the ID's.
  • Can only assign an ID after the manager's approval? Apply patterns according to any condition you choose.
  • Prevent editing of the ID column
  • ID rules are saved as part of list template, so you can create new lists from saved list templates with the ID setting already baked in.
  • Works in both document libraries and lists.
  • Works in both SharePoint 2007 and 2010, WSS/Foundation or server.

Form filling made easy with Infowise User Property Field

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [3] | Category: Products | 12/12/2010

Hi all,

Today we are going to talk about a new product of ours - User Property Field.

Many forms you fill out daily contain fields where you need to enter your details, your position, your phone number or your bosses name. Back in the Dark Ages there was no choice but to dip your pen in ink and scribe away. Today, in the Digital Age, why would we go back to such an anachronism? In the corporate environment your computer knows everything about you and it will be happy to fill this data in for you if you just let it. Think of the time you could save by just not re-typing the same info over and over again!.

With Infowise User Property Field, your SharePoint server can fetch and insert data about you, using Active Directory and/or SharePoint Profiles repository. Every time you start filling out a form, your data will already be inside!

Infowise User Property Field lets enter simply properties , or create templates made up from multiple property values and text. You can even let your users edit the automatic value if you want. Just another time-saver from Infowise!