October 2014
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Just Added - REST Support

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [1] | Category: Products | 10/27/2014


We have several components that make it easy to integrate your line-of-business applications (LOB) with your SharePoint lists and document libraries.

  • LOB Item Link Field serves as a kind of lookup field that displays and links to data stored in external databases and application. For instance, create an invoice with the prices coming directly from your sales database.
  • Smart Action Pro allows you to run stored procedures and web service calls to update data in external application based on changes in your SharePoint lists. Use it to sync your LOB system with changes in your lists.
  • Smart Import Pro allows you to schedule automatic recurring import of emails, database items or web service entities that were created or modified since the last run of the import job. Create new support tickets or set approval through emails or sync product lists from databases.

We've been supporting SOAP web services for a while now, but as more and more users are switching to using the simpler REST services, we are adding support for them as well. LOB Item Link Field and Smart Action Pro have already been upgraded to include REST support and Smart Import Pro is scheduled tobe upgraded within a few days.

Now you are able to integrate with this simple and ubiquitous API from any list or document library!


Mobile capabilities merged into Smart List Pro

By: Vladi Gubler | Comments [2] | Category: Products | 10/24/2014


I'm happy to announce that Smart List Mobile, which provides mobile capabilities to Smart List Pro, has been discontinued as a separate product and is now an integral part of Smart List Pro. That means that all customers using Smart List Pro (but not Smart List Lite) get the advanced mobile capabilities free of charge.

The main advantage of using Smart List Mobile is the ability to create mobile tabs. When a SharePoint list with a large number of columns is displayed on the small screen of a mobile device, it's difficult to fill out the forms, they seem to be endless, especially when your mobile users only need to update one or two columns. Imagine a field technician needing to close a support ticket, he/she does not need to update all the fields of the list, there could be dozens of them. Only Status and Closing date are really needed.

With mobile tabs, you can specify exactly the columns you want your mobile users to see. You can even create multiple mobile tabs and one will be selected based on conditions and/or who the current user is.

Additional features include design improvements, more control over the Site Contents page and the ability to add Actions to the Site Contents page (basically links to forms and page so you can easily access common tasks).

Simply upgrade to the latest version of Smart List Pro to get the additional features. If you already have Smart List Mobile installed, uninstall it before upgrading.